Q. HOw much does a service learning camp cost?

A. A full week (five nights) is $160 per person. Registered groups guarantee at least 12 participants, including adults; beyond that groups only pay for those who attend the camp. To reserve space at one of our sites groups are asked to send a $500 deposit which is the only financial requirement until 60 days prior to the scheduled camp as which time payment for at least 12 participants is due. Final payments/adjustments are due upon arrival. For groups that prefer camps that are shorter (or longer) the price is negotiable.

Q.CAn I customize the length of our trip?

A. Yes! We welcome trips of all sizes. We will work with you to negotiate the cost.

Q.Our plans fell through, we need a last minute trip. Can you ACCOMMODATE us?

A. Probably! We will certainly try, we like the challenge! Contact us!  

Q. What do SErvice Learning Camps Provide?

A. Church based housing with access to showers, complete service site coordination/arrangement and planning assistance for free time outings.


Q. What am I expected to provide for our trip?

A. Transportation, food, free time options (we can assist you in planning), devotional content, permission/health form, certificate of liability, rules and guidelines. 


Q. So what meals does SLC provide?

A. No food or meals are provided by Service Learning Camps. A kitchen is made available for you to prepare meals as needed, and we can provide assistance in locating area restaurants and grocery stores. 


Q. I have people of all ages that want to attend, can you ACCOMMODATE a wide range of participants?

A. Yes! We have worked with groups of all ages. Let us know your anticipated age ranges and we will work to fit you with the most appropriate service sites. 


Q. Is Don really a youth ministry guru?

A. Yep! Don is a well of experience and knowledge. Not sure this is the right fit for your group, Don would love to connect and answer any questions you may have.